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„Touching, powerful, hopeful!“

An abandoned garden turns out to be a mysterious world full of adventures. This is where the Florinis live with their friends. Every day is full of adventures. Awesome!

Dandelion thinks he's brave and strong. Until he is confronted with a daunting task. Will he really prove his courage?

What is it about the eerie shadow that appears one day and changes everything?

Three insightful stories about joy, courage and hope, up to the meaning of life.


„Every day is full of presents! You just have to be able to see them.“


„Sometimes you have to be brave where you don't expect it.“

Lavendel Schwestern

„We want to bloom and smell - always and everywhere!“

How it all begun
Helena and Sue

First, every now and then a flower child jumped out of Susanna's head into her hand and from there onto the paper and directly into her heart.

Then all at once - as in spring, when suddenly the snowdrops sprout from the black earth - an idea shot forth that had perhaps also been slumbering in the dark for a long time: the idea of growing a book together.

We discovered the path that makes a sharp bend, ran along it and found ... the garden and there they all were, laughing at us: the Florinis!

We met Dandelion (he immediately showed us his gap in his teeth), met Silverleaf when he was awarded the prize for special poetry, held our breath with Water Lily, admired Starmiere's grace, and hoped for one of Silene's cloud tarts.

As the day came to an end, we could hardly fall asleep from excitement. Oh, how curious we were about what we would encounter there in the garden! What adventures were waiting there!

Little did we know that the next day would hold bad news for us.

A shadow fell into our lives. Someone who is very loved had become terminally ill. Now the garden with the Florinis was a place where we cried.

But it was also a place where we heard our name and when we looked up, through our tears we saw him who planned us.

So we were comforted by the time we spent in the Florinis' garden. We understood a little of what it means to have courage, as Dandelion showed us.

So we decided to share this with you.

Maybe your heart will warm up as you listen to the Florinis' stories. Perhaps you too will smell it; the fragrance that smells into eternity.

Die Florinis

© 2021 by akouo GmbH

Texts Helena Neufeld · Illustrations Susanna Rahel Pfeifer · Music Maximilian Schäfer